Meet MTN’s pricing for the newly-arrived Galaxy S6, S6 Edge


Last week we got a look at the fantastically bonkers pricing for buying a Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge from Vodacom – now it’s MTN’s turn to take a crack at convincing you to buy one of these admittedly fantastic handsets. That price though…

MTN hasn’t provided an outright buy price for the handsets but they’ve listed (below) the packages and costs for the 32GB Galaxy S6 and the 64GB Galaxy S6 Edge on the network. What hasn’t been included on that list is the cost of each device on MTN’s SKY packages per month – you’re looking at R1,900 and R2,000 respectively for unlimited calls, messages and data (with MTN’s Fair Use policy attached).

S6 Packages and Pricing MTNOtherwise, prices per month range from R530 to R1,350 for the S6 32GB, depending on how much conversation time you need on a monthly basis. Likewise, you’ll shell out between R680 and R1500 a month for the S6 Edge 64GB, though if you’re looking at the upper ends of MTN’s listed offerings, that SKY option looks… pretty attractive in comparison. It’s still a crazy amount of money to be dropping on a monthly basis for a phone.

As for the Galaxy S6 Edge: We’ll have a review coming along shortly so keep your eyes peeled for that one.


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