Huawei’s teasing something that ‘steals’ light for upcoming P8 launch


Huawei’s getting pretty esoteric these days, with teaser videos flying hither and yon with no firm indication what on Earth they’re talking about. Until they’ve made the announcement, which is kind of the point.

The latest teaser video from the company is titled ‘Capture the wonder of light’ and is widely expected to revolve around the Ascend P8 flagship phone from the company, which we’ve been pretty sure would be getting a reveal/launch this month.

The video above shows a man, dressed in dark clothing, wandering through streets and sucking the light out of… pretty much everything, with all of the light sources eventually ending up inside the device he’s holding in his hand. The obvious implication is that there’s an extremely good low-light camera heading to the Ascend P8. It’s just possible that their 13MP rear or 5MP front cams will feature something new in camera technology, it could also be something else entirely.

Since we were promised that next week’s London event would be a “…HUGE global launch announcement” for the company, Huawei might even have something more interesting up their sleeves. We’re going to have to wait and see, but we’ll keep you posted if anything new pops up prior to the launch.


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