The first two Robot Overlords drone winners are…


We messed up. The first winner of the five Drone Force drones Stuff and Ster Kinekor are giving away should have been announced yesterday. But technical difficulties stopped the first winner from being revealed so we’re going for a twofer today. Most of you should be back at work by now anyway.

DF_04Before we get to the good stuff, as always, here is some detail on how the competition draw works. Winner’s names are drawn randomly by a computer that has been fed everyone’s names and has decided which one tastes the best. Once the name has been drawn, the entry is examined to see whether the question has been answered correctly and, if it hasn’t been, the draw is discarded and a new winner is drawn. That’s it. Unless you work for Stuff Magazine in one way or another, in which case you were disqualified before you even started.

Enough admin, our first two winners are Tim Moolman and Leo Doolooa.

Congrats to Tim and Leo, who will be getting an email shortly so we can sort their prizes out. There are going to be three more announcements this week, from Wednesday to Friday, so you still have time to enter your details to be eligible for one of the three remaining little flyers. See all you prospective winners tomorrow.


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