And now drones can herd sheep while farmers (and their dogs) relax


Don’t hit play yet – you’ll see why in a bit. What could you use a drone for? We’d be most inclined to just fly the little aerial vehicle around, doing the occasional loop and crashing into trees but drones are routinely used – by people with far more flying skill than we possess – to capture some amazing images.

But a drone’s tendency to terrify sheep with its high-pitched whirring has prompted Irish farmer Paul Brennan to use a quadcopter to start herding his wooly creatures instead of making a dog run around after the ground-based cloud impersonators.

It’s far from a perfect alternative, as herding sheep with a drone will still require a pilot to get right… unless you can train a border collie to fly a drone. But it seems like it could be a blast for sheep farmers after a few beers, as evidenced by the goofy music in the video above (okay, now you can hit play – just turn down the sound a tad).

It’s also a pointer towards the future where drones actually could herd sheep. Once they become more autonomous, of course. Think of it as having drones practise for when they’re rounding humans up on behalf of the AI overlords.

Source: via Digital Trends


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