Cars in drag – Ferrari LaFerrari vs. Bugatti Veyron


Today’s technically Friday, if you’re looking at things in terms of the work week. So it’s time for a little in-cranium fantasy, unless you’ve got Elon Musk’s bank account and Rowan Atkinson’s affinity for high-speed motor vehicles.

We don’t mean that either of them are behind the wheel in the vehicles you can see duking it out on an airfield at the recent Vmax 200 Stealth event. Those folks (probably) own the cars in question – a Ferrari LaFerrari and a Bugatti Veyron. Going head-to-head, they’re out to settle the question of which vehicle is better. As if the answer wasn’t obvious.

And, in terms of pure speed, the Veyron is still king. The LaFerrari pips the 330km/h mark on the straight-line run, the Veyron nudges the 345km/h on the same section (and gets there a hell of a lot faster). You can see from the in-car cam in the Ferrari that the start is fairly even until the Veyron just blasts by, leaving the Italian steel in the dust.

Right, back to work everyone. May visions of supercars be dancing in your heads for the rest of the day.

Source: via Digital Trends


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