Play Pac Man in Google Maps today


We’re going to be suspicious of every bit of news released around the world today, just because it’s 1 April. But this one, unlikely as it seems, is an actual thing. Google has created a new way to navigate your home streets, by introducing Pac Man to Google Maps via an icon like the one you use to switch to Street View.

Google Pacs HillbrowJust load up a location somewhere (we picked Hillbrow in Johannesburg for the above image) and Google Maps will turn it into a game of Pac Man.

And you’re not confined to the desktop version of Google Maps either. Users can access the feature via their mobile Google Maps and, if they’ve found a workable location, the end result should look a bit like this:


We only have one complaint – Why today of all days? We have work to do. Oh well…

Source: Google (Lat Long Blog)


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