Is this the LG G4?


Earlier, we were drooling over a video render of the LG G4. It looked sleek, curvy, modern and very, very appealing. But the reality might turn out to be a little different.

That’s because some fresh photos, allegedly of the G4, have appeared on the XDA Developer forums, and it appears to look very similar to the existing G3.

There’s no extra information to go along with the photos, but certain things are easy to determine. The rear volume and power buttons for one thing, have a squarer shape to them, when compared to the current G3’s rounder buttons.

The lens is also square, moving away from its circular G3 counterpart. We’re glad to see the return of the laser autofocus and dual LED flash, both of which contribute to the G3’s formidable imaging powers.

G4 LeakThe rear cover definitely doesn’t appear to be metal, falling in line with previous rumours, and it appears that LG has shifted away from the faux brushed metal look of the G3 too, opting for a texture plastic finish.

It definitely doesn’t look as premium as the Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 or One M9, but it does look like it’ll offer plenty of grip, and suggests that we’ll see the return of every Android power user’s dream – the removable battery and expandable memory combo.

It’s hard to determine the screen size without a decent reference, but the bezels on the sides appear to be larger than those on the G3. It appears to be running Lollipop too, with LG’s flat, colourful skin present on the home screen.

And as for that slot at the top that looks like a stylus? That’s almost definitely an aerial, which is a feature only present on Korean models for on-the-go TV watching.

Obviously there’s no way to verify how genuine these photos are, or if they’re prototypes or the final product, so it’s best to take everything with a hefty dose of salt.

Now if any of you recognise that rather gaudy carpet (possibly from a hotel), let us know and we can might be able to unravel more clues.

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