Forget tablets, Inklet lets you use new MacBook touchpad to draw


Apple’s MacBook touchpads already offer a great degree of gesture control, but with the new MacBooks, the touchpads are now more force-sensitive.

This ‘Force Touch’ technology as Apple calls it, gives a higher level of sensitivity and accuracy, which new app Inklet is taking advantage of.


Inlet BoxWith Inklet, you can use a stylus to draw, select images and use varying pressure to adjust the thickness of lines. It’s a lot like using a separate tablet but with a smaller surface area and when your finger alone won’t cut it. Inklet also claims its software has advanced palm rejection, so leaning your hand on the trackpad won’t suddenly create unwanted drawings.

Inklet already has a decent list of compatible software including Photoshop (CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC versions), Pixelmator, GIMP and Sketchpad Pro among others.

As for pricing, Inklet is only $25, far cheaper than any tablet on the market, while a Pogo stylus is included if you buy it as part of the $35 package. To purchase it, you can head over to Inklet’s website, where you can also download demos.

Source: The Verge


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