The next-gen BMW i3 could be powered by Apple


Apple has, unsurprisingly, not admitted that it’s working on a mythical iCar, despite previous rumours suggesting that a four-wheeled Applemobile is in the works. But it looks like we could soon have the next best thing.

German magazine Auto Motor Sport (link is in German) reports that BMW has been holding “regular talks” with Apple on topics including “connected vehicles”, and although the company states that “developing or building a car is not a topic of these discussions”, it declined to comment when asked if Apple was working on an operating system for a future i3 model. Hint hint?

Auto Motor Sport magazine claims an Apple OS would allow the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and even Mac to connect to the car, letting connected iOS devices provide drivers with a wealth of data, including fuel management, movement data and battery information.

Tim Cook previously confirmed in an interview with The Telegraph that the Apple Watch would be able to replace a car key fob, and the BMW i8 currently has one that displays information.

Speculation surrounding Apple’s own plans to produce an electric vehicle is centered around a project called “Titan” – a minivan-like vehicle which could be the end result of all those clever battery engineers that Apple poached earlier this year.

While nothing has been officially confirmed by either BMW or Apple, there’s certainly evidence that could suggest we’ll be driving round in Apple-powered cars which go above and beyond the existing functionality offered by CarPlay, in the not so distant future.

Source: via 9to5Mac


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