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Who doesn’t love a little initiative?

Toyota has been pushing its new App all over the interbutts and it’s hard to not be impressed with the ambition of it. The app comes with a host of marketing and sales features but at the core is the ability to book a service from the couch. If you have ever registered your Toyota online a one time pin will unlock your profile and let you manage your car(s). On the first attempt we managed to successfully make a service booking which in turn automatically added several reminders to our calendar, including one in middle of the night. Sweet

When you make your booking you can stipulate which dealership, what service, where you need a lift to and anything else that’s pertinent and it actually works. Seamlessly at that. The dealership was waiting on arrival, clipboard in hand and it took 30 seconds to drop-off and get into a shuttle. It’s all very sleek, well researched and wildly satisfying. Or at least it was until it stopped working.

IMG_1137Sadly, after only one successful test we lost access to our account. For some reason the app is obsessed with one time pins and the moment it went into psycho ex-girlfriend mode it would’t do anything else but not get the message. The pin used during initial setup wouldn’t work and the reset pin by email/SMS did nothing. We reinstalled and re-registered and got cock blocked again by the pin police at a different checkpoint.

IMG_1136What makes it even more ridiculous is that every function within the app is inaccessible when it goes into stupid mode, which is usually about 30 seconds in. It’s either a loading screen, a login screen or just a general up-yours not working screen. More resets, registrations and reinstalls and we managed to explore the depth of the bug infestation and the conclusion was to pull back and nuke from orbit.

IMG_1138Maybe it’s time to do a recall or, in Toyota terms, run a ‘campaign’.

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