Try out iOS 8.3 first by joining Apple’s public beta


Apple opened up public beta testing for the Mac OS X not too long ago, and iPhone users who want to live on the edge can now sign up for Apple’s public beta for the latest version of iOS too.

While Apple has done everything it can to ensure that iPhones won’t be hurt by the latest OS beta, they are called betas for a reason. Signing up for it makes you a guinea pig, willingly accepting potential bugs and issues.

As for what there is to look forward to? Well, if the developer’s version is any guide, there’s the Apple Watch app, new emojis, support for Google’s 2-step verification process, and new languages for Siri.

If you’re into trying new builds (which you can easily delete and revert to original factory settings), then sign up on Apple’s Beta website. Yosemite early adopters should already have access through the OS X beta program.

Source: The Next Web


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