Rock Band 4 will land on PS4 and Xbox One this year


Harmonix has announced that Rock Band 4, the fourth instalment of the main game (there’s been seven Rock Band games if you include band-specific games and spin-offs, though), will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

Eric Pope, Product Manager, has said that since 2010, when Rock Band 3 was released, the games developer has dabbled in a number of other areas. These include motion control, PC and Virtual Reality. He says the company has learned a great deal and is “prepared to dive back into our beloved Rock Band series, and actually push the genre forward”.

Rock Band 4He goes on to say users can expect a “design that doubles down on the core Rock Band experience,” and “innovative gameplay”. More details of this can be expected later in the year.

Some of the team behind Rock Band have made a behind-the-scenes video. In it, they say they’re not making a new game because “we have to” or because “someone told us to”, but because “we want to”. They also claim there’ll be some 2,168 songs in the new version, thanks to the older songs transferring over to the new game.

You can register your interest, and to be notified when pre-orders go live, at Harmonix’s website.

The good news for current Rock Band players is that any DLC you have on your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 can be transferred to the new game when it’s released, but only between consoles of the same family.

Rock Band rival Guitar Hero is also expected to make its return to consoles this year after a similar five year hiatus. Coincidence? Perhaps. Exciting news for guitar gaming fans? Definitely.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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