Win a HEOS 3 with Stuff, valued at R4,990, courtesy of Homemation


It’s that time again, and we’re sure there are a few voices out there going “It’s about time!”, and we’re going to have to agree with you there. That’s right, we’re going to be giving something away again and this time around we’re starting off with the HEOS 3, courtesy of local distributor Homemation.

So what do you need to do in order to take the first step to having a multi-room speaker setup going at home? As is typical with Stuff giveaways, all you need to do is enter your details below. BUT, before you head down there, there’s some text just below the graphic that you’re going to have to check out – there will be a test (in the entry form).



Portable and perfect – ANYWHERE SOUNDS AMAZING


Go on, click it. You know you want to.

For small to medium rooms – The groove starter, The HEOS 3 delivers all the HEOS features and quality into a compact and flexible wireless speaker system. Lay it down or stand it up. You can put one virtually anywhere! This compact but full-featured speaker plays cloud music, music stored on your phone or tablet, plus USB and NAS sources, too.

These small, powered speakers produce big, clear sound from highly tested, recording studio-grade engineering. Every room can have its own HEOS sound. Or, group multiple speakers to fill the house with the same song. Multi-room means multiple options.

‘The HEOS system is simply terrific and terrifically simple.’ – Sound & Vision

‘The HEOS app seemed responsive and intuitive. Things we need when jamming out to our songs!’ – TechWeLike

Heos Vertical Black‘Denon has 100 years of sound engineering behind them so when they have a new product, you should listen.’ – TechGuy$martBuy

‘Naturally HEOS offers all the usual multiroom tricks, allowing multiple sources to be played simultaneously in different zones.’ UK Inside CI Magazine

Right, did you get all that? Now you need to enter your info in the form below, answer the qualifying question (correctly, please) and your entry is in. The HEOS 3 giveaway will be running from today, 24 February, until 20 March 2015 when our lucky winner will be drawn.

There are some terms and conditions, however. The competition is only open to South African residents with an address in SA, as usual. If you’ve won before… well, it’s been a while since our last online giveaway so we’ll let it slide but if you’ve won a magazine prize in 2015 (the Jan/Feb or March issues), you’re ineligible for a bit longer. And, if you work for Stuff Magazine in any way, shape or form, you’re also ineligible. Awwww…


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