Is this the new Pebble smartwatch?


A timer on Pebble’s site is currently counting down to 24th February, with the countdown set to expire later today. It’s expected that the company will unveil its next smartwatch when the counter hits zero – but we may have got a look at it a little ahead of schedule.

Pebble LeakAn image of an as-yet unseen smartwatch with a colour screen has been unearthed on Pebble’s website. It ties in with earlier reports that Pebble’s next watch would sport a colour “e-paper-like display” (both previous models of the Pebble smartwatch have been strictly monotone when it comes to screens).


It looks like we’ll find out for certain in about nine hours. If Pebble is launching a new smartwatch, it will be the company’s third model in three years, and it may well be accompanied by a brand new UI and platform too – CEO Eric Migicovsky recently claimed that new hardware and software was in the works.

Make sure to check back later to find out just what Pebble has in store for us.

Source: via TechCrunch


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