Use a VivoFit and are on Discovery? Have some Vitality points (but you have to work for them)


Welcome to the world of fitness trackers, where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter – to anyone except you, your social network and the folks hoovering up your exercise data so that the robots will eventually know all our weaknesses. Till now, that is. Discovery and Garmin have teamed up here in SA to get you working out harder than ever before – without needing one of Garmin’s pricier fitness trackers.

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Vivofit HeaderHow they plan on doing this is by awarding Garmin VivoFit users with Vitality points based on what sort of workout you’ve been doing. This isn’t new, Garmin fitness bands have offered this feature for a while but the addition of the VivoFit is new.

Garmin’s Jenna Chisnell said “Garmin users are able to utilise the Vitality website and be rewarded based on measurement metrics, including heart rate and activity monitoring. It is a great way to track your progress whatever your fitness goals and now vívofit users can benefit from this, in the same way.”

VivoFit owners would need to link their device to their Vitality account to their Garmin Connect accounts (here’s a how-to). Once that’s done, syncing the VivoFit with Garmin Connect will automatically updated the Vitality account with points – if they’ve been earned, that is.

Users will get 100 Vitality points for achieving between 7,500 and 9,999 steps, topping 10,000 steps will up that total to 150. Go the extra mile and manage to get to 12,500 steps and an additional 50 daily points will be added. You could wind up jogging yourself to some substantial discounts.


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