Samsung Galaxy S6 leak points to a metal build and a smaller, non-removable battery


Another day, another Galaxy S6 leak. And this one could potentially hold some bad news for power users.

An Amazon listing for a Samsung case from manufacturer Verus shows off a distinctly clear side view of the handset, which matches previous leaks of the device.

Although the rear of the S6 isn’t shown, there’s a distinct pin hole for a microSD and/or SIM slot on its right hand side.

All iterations of Samsung’s flagship devices have so far had both the microSD cards and SIM cards located on the back, accessible via a removable rear cover. The new location suggests that the Galaxy S6 will no longer have a removable back cover (due to its more premium metal design), which rules out the inclusion of a removable battery.

Samsung Case LeakNot only that, but South Korean site ITcle has also stated that the battery itself has shrunk from 2800mAh down to 2600mAh, presumably to cut down the thickness of the device itself.

Samsung, along with LG, is one of the few major manufacturers left that offers removable batteries in its flagship smartphones, and, coupled with the option for expandable memory, has made it the choice of Android power users for years.

Other manufactures like HTC and Sony have long since moved away from swappable batteries, opting for a thinner design and premium materials like metal and glass.

Samsung has been criticised for not offering the same build quality as its rivals, and these recent leaks suggest that the company has finally opted for design, possibly at the sacrifice of battery life.

While the battery might be smaller however, Samsung’s own 14nm Exynos processor – which is likely to power the S6 – could make up for it with its improved efficiency, resulting in equal or even better battery life than the current Galaxy S5.

We won’t know anything for sure until we wrap our hands around the S6 at Mobile World Congress though, so stay tuned.

Source: via Tech Radar


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