CAMpanion wants to make GoPro usage an everyday matter


There are times when a GoPro is understandably in use. You’re on a motorcycle and about to ramp over a massive gap that has crocodiles at the bottom and delicious cake on the other side of it. That’s when you’re almost obligated to have an action-cam on hand, even it it’s just for insurance purposes. But there hasn’t been much compelling reason to whip out a GoPro while you’re strolling down the street until now.

Enter the CAMpanion, a GoPro mount that lets you attach your camera to the back of a smartphone or a tablet. The point is to use said mobile device as a viewfinder for the Remora-like action cam, while possibly also filming with your phone or tablet at the same time. Using a GoPro 3, 3+ or 4 (the three supported models) in this way would probably lead to more conventional footage than your traditional riding-a-shark-into-a-volcano clip tends to be.

Which is what CAMpanion wants. According to the Kickstarter page, “We hope to become a standard accessory of the GoPro user. We could definitely spend hours surfing the GoPro channel on YouTube enjoying the crazy and intense footage people are making with their GoPros, but we know that this camera has a lot to offer in everyday settings too, and we hope to help people take advantage of that potential.”

They started out last week looking for $28,000 (R320,000, give or take) and at the moment they’re standing on just over $30,000. Since they’re now funded, prepare for a barrage of HD vine videos of food tastefully arranged on plates all over the world.

Source: TheNextWeb


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