Leaked iPad Pro case points to the largest Apple tablet yet


iPad ProA spyshot of an alleged third-party iPad Pro case has given us a glimpse into what we could expect to see from Apple’s mysterious long-rumoured larger tablet.

While French site Nowhereelse.fr‘s image of the case lacks another object in the shot to act as a size reference, it’s still pretty clear that we’re looking at tablet that’s larger than the existing 9.7in iPad models.

The larger iPad Pro is rumoured to land with a screen that measures 12.2 to 12.9 inches, which will gear itself nicely towards creative gadgeteers, expecially with its speculated stylus support.

In addition to the regular cutouts we expect to see on an iPad case, there’s also an unknown cutout on the left hand side – perhaps for a SIM tray – which suggests that this case could be designed for a cellular iPad Pro.

The site also claims the image originates from a “reliable source that [it]has not been in contact with for many years”, so get those salt shakers ready.

Source: via MacRumours


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