Moment is the first iPhone camera case you might actually want to use


We’ve seen all manner of iPhone camera accessories, many of which are absurd and cumbersome, but even the best tend to be somewhat inconvenient to use. Moment’s new case aims to change that.

Moment already Kickstarted a series of attachable iPhone lenses a year ago, but with its new project, the company wants to make them a lot more useful. It’ll do so with the Moment Case, an iPhone 6 shell that features a multi-state shutter button and easy support for the optional lenses.

Moment CaseThe Moment Case has a bit of bulk to it on the bottom third or so, but it’s intentionally shaped to provide a secure grip for one-handed filming and photography in both portrait and landscape settings. More notably, it houses the two-step shutter button, which you can hold down partway to lock focus and exposure, or click fully to capture the shot (holding it down activates burst mode).

That’s enabled via the paired Moment camera app, which also lets you adjust advanced lighting features while you shoot. And the two in concert also make it easier to use Moment lenses – Wide and Tele – which attach directly to the case and are immediately recognized by the app.

The case connects via Bluetooth LE and uses a cell battery, which should last about six months or more, and Moment’s new Kickstarter campaign is asking for $49 (about R570) for the case, or $125 (about R1,500) for the case and one of the available lenses with a cap and cloth sleeve. More elaborate bundles are available, and everything’s supposed to ship worldwide beginning in June if funded.

Which shouldn’t be a problem at all. As of this writing, roughly a day after the campaign began, it’s already raised more than $74,000 of the $100,000 goal, and it seems likely that the Moment Case will be funded before the end of today. So the lingering question is: Will it be the iPhone camera contraption that really breaks through?

Source: Kickstarter


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