The PS4 Slim could be unveiled later this year


The PlayStation 4 isn’t exactly what you’d call a large console, at least when compared to the Xbox One. But a recent leak suggest that Sony is already looking to cut the flab for an altogether slimmer model.

The leak, courtesy of Italian website, shows leaked images which appear to show a much slimmer PS4 console than the one we’re accustomed to.

PS4 Leak 1Since the PS3 has not one, but two slimmer versions, it’s feasible for Sony to produce a bingo wing-free PS4. But new versions traditionally arrived a few years after the original, and since the PS4 was released in November 2013, the reports of a slim version arriving so soon seem a little far-fetched.

PS4 Leak 2While the images may seem realistic, with repositioned buttons, the leak doesn’t include a list of updated specs. If Sony’s going to create a slim console, it will need to rethink the innards to make them fit, while still delivering the same amount of power.

If the console is indeed real, then it’s reported to be unveiled at E3 which takes place June 16th-18th this year. Rest assured Stuff will be reporting live from the show, so we’ll bring you any news as and when we hear it. In the meantime, hit up the source link for the unedited leaked images. You’ll see why they were edited when you get there.

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