Now that’s a big ‘tablet’ – This is Ideum’s touchscreen coffee table


Is this going to be the hub of your home of the future? Ideum certainly thinks so. We’ve seen Ideum’s ideas before, with their work to turn smartphones into game controllers, but this is something else.

The Ideum Duet is a coffee-table sized tablet that the company is currently showing off and we can certainly see how it would function as a decent part of a connected home – which seems to be their main target for this tech. It looks an oversized tablet, coming in either 42- or 46-inch versions, but it’s a bit more ambitious than that.

Twins, Basil, Twins…
The multitouch screen, which is supposed to be durable enough to live in public (not sure if we’d put our coffee on it though), conceals two completely different sets of hardware. One is geared towards a Windows environment and the other is made for Android and users will be able to switch between the two at the touch of a button. A digital button, that is.

And Intel’s Edison platform is also sitting inside this machine, quite aside from the apps you could use and the connected home control that would be possible with it. Ideum claims that Edison is responsible for being able to seamlessly switch between the two available operating systems.

And all the hardware (a Core i5 4570R and 8GB of RAM for Windows and a RockChip 2GHz chipset for Android) might account for the weight of these units. Each one weighs up to 141kg, depending on which extras you have.

Their usefulness close to home is debatable right now but if you already have the latest in everything tech, the Duet could connect and control it all in a central location. It’s on sale in the States and Canada and sales overseas, from Ideum direct, will commence soon. As for pricing… you’ll have to enquire, so it should be pricey.

Source: Ideum


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