3D-printed cupcakes – The food of the future


CupcakeYes we live in a time where everything seems possible, and most people probably do not even realise this. We live in the future we all probably never thought we would see but we’re mostly too busy taking selfies to notice.

3D printing is making its mark and 2015 could be the year of 3D printing. We are going to see some insane stuff in the years to come but right now you can sit back and watch the smart people at work while eating a 3D-printed cupcake.

A Barcelona-based company called Natural Machines has created the Foodini, a 3D printer that is able to print in any shape or size using fresh ingredients that can be added to it manually. It is able to print extremely detailed pieces like a snowflake shape, to mini-tarts or even larger cakes. The ingredients are shaped with re-usable stainless steel capsules, which can easily be taken out, washed and made ready for printing yet again.

There is a tiny problem that arises. Like most things, a lot of love and attention goes into making something by hand. The food printed by Foodini might not taste as good as that made by an actual pastry chef. But they are apparently up for the challenge and plan to perfect Foodini for future use.

We look forward to living in a The Fifth Element age and living off tasty 3D printed food and sweets, which float around in flying food-stands that come up to your house. It is perhaps not that far into the future at the rate things are changing. Hopefully.

Source: EuroNews


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