This is (probably) the HTC One (M9)


HTC One M9See that right there? That’s HTC’s new flagship for 2015. Probably.

It’s a render picked up by French site, which allegedly shows off the rear of the new HTC One (M9), which is set to be unveiled on 1 March, just before Mobile World Congress kicks off.

While we’ve seen blurry shots of the alleged M9 in the wild already this past week, this render, if genuine shows off the clearest view of the eagerly waited device we’ve seen yet.

At first glance you might not notice any difference from the premium curved One (M8) that could very well be on the desk next to you right now.

Stare a little longer however, and the difference should jump out. While the M8 has two cameras (one Ultrapixel sensor and another for capturing depth of field data), this new render shows off a single lens, which is surrounded by a square – not circular – black border.

M9 PrototypeThis means that the M9 has ditched the debatably gimmicky depth sensor, and supports rumours of an all-new camera setup. The current Ultrapixel sensor only packs in 4 megapixels, focusing more on guzzling up light than cropping into shots.

The latest rumour state that the M9 will land with a 20.7MP sensor, and while we obviously can’t tell the exact specifications from a simple render, it does prove that something is different camera-wise – likely the sensor size.

More megapixels of course don’t automatically guarantee better shots, but Sony and Nokia have proved that high megapixel cameras can produce superb shots, allowing users to crop into pictures without being bombarded with horrible grain and loss of detail.

M9 RuggedThe French site has also managed to obtain shots of a prototype M9 unit (the middle image – above), sat next to an M8. There’s very little to distinguish between the two models, but the front ambient light sensor is larger, and the bottom and side bezels appear to have shrunk, which is good news.

The M9 has also leaked sporting a rugged case (just above), though there’s no much information that can be taken from that particular shot. But if you like wrapping your phones in car tires, then there you go. You’re sorted.

Stay tuned for more HTC leaks (there’s bound to be plenty more on the way) ahead of its official reveal in about a month’s time.


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