You can now upgrade your LG G3 to Lollipop


LG G3The long-awaited OS update is finally here, for LG devices at least, but unfortunately only LG G3 owners will have the opportunity to upgrade to the new Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. Unless you’re the sort of person who side-loads these things in advance.

To update your G3, you can either do a basic software update through your phone (Menu -> Update Centre -> Software Update -> Check now for Update) or download the update from the official LG website. You can also the LG PC Suite to get your upgrade on.

The Lollipop update promises a bunch of crazy new visual features, like cool ripple effects and deep shadows to give your device a 3D-looking effect. An updated version of the battery saver should provide even longer battery life and a reduction of your device’s performance to help extend usage time, according to LG. The new Ambient feature keeps your screen on (even when the battery is running low), so you can be able to keep track of your notifications.

The update will be available for other LG Android devices at a later stage. The LG G3 owners just happen to win this round. Lucky buggers…


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