Huawei scores the (rugby) Big 5


Our trusted little Chinese company, Huawei, has yet again graced South African shores with their presence. They have settled their company in SA in a big way, tech-wise, and hope to win over our hearts even more by sponsoring the 5 biggest rugby teams in the country.

The-Huawei-logo-Do-you-know-who-they-are-470x250Huawei has, according to a press release, finalised the deal in Johannesburg, and according to Huawei’s Product Marketing Director (the South African one), this is a unique deal considering that it includes 5 of the top rugby teams. This is also the company’s second sports-related sponsorship, because they already sponsor clothing for a local PSL team, Ajax Cape Town.

The sponsored teams include: the Lions, Western Cape, the Toyota Cheetahs, the Sharks and the Blue Bulls. The sponsorship will ensure that all the unions receive the latest Huawei tech and products such as smartphones, tablets and Huawei’s TalkBand fitness trackers which will help monitor players’ performance on and off the field. The coaches from all the unions involved are thrilled to have Huawei joining their teams, based on their various statements, and look forward to working with them (which translates to: we look forward to getting free stuff).

Rugby form a huge part of the South African culture, so Huawei intends to reach a whole different market with this sponsorship. Where their aim used to be at either tech geeks or businessmen, it will now include rugby players and supporters. Well played Huawei.


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