Want to snag a OnePlus One but lacking an invite? You have a brief window today


Stuff has gushed on about the OnePlus smartphones, as has just about everyone else lucky enough to lay their hands on one. But it’s pretty tough to get your own device, unless you have an invitation to buy one (Apple should try that one of these years).

That is, until today. Later on this evening you, and everyone else on the planet, will have a short windows that will allow you to buy one instead of having to pre-order it. And why would you want one? A 5.5-inch HD display, Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, a CyanogenMod OS and either 16GB ($300/R3,505) or 64GB ($350/R4,100) of storage, along with a 13MP camera sounds like a compelling-enough reason.

Oppo InviteThere might be one problem though and that is that OnePlus doesn’t deliver directly to South Africa. A bit of delivery address wrangling might be in order but we’re sure that resourceful Stuff readers like yourselves will be able to pull it off. Assuming that Oppo’s website is able to stand the carnage later today.

Our suggestion? Keep this website open and monitor the countdown so that you actually stand a chance at securing a OnePlus One. At the time of writing there were about 17 hours left to wait but we think it best to be prepared. Don’t you?

Source: Digital Trends


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