Kuratas: Own your own mech suit, now on sale at Amazon Japan


Now you can own your very own mechanical suit and live your dream of becoming a real-life Transformer with the Kuratas. A Japanese company, Suidobashi Heavy Industry, is selling a life-sized mech suit (which can be operated from the central cockpit) on the Japanese version of Amazon. That is… if you have ¥120,000,000 (about R11,700,000) to spare.

This mechanical beast weighs 500 kilograms and can move around 13km/h thanks to its diesel-powered engine. It can be controlled from the cockpit with its high-tech interface or you could even control it remotely with your smartphone by connecting via 3G. The company recently released a ‘How to’ video advertising the suit and featuring a tutorial on piloting it.

The optional extras may also cost more than you bargained for, but are too awesome not to include in the package. You could be sporting a rapid-fire BB-gun attachment (which could fire 6,000 BBs a minute). The BB-gun also has an interesting feature which triggers the fire option when you sit in the cockpit and smile. The video warns against smiling excessively while sitting in the cockpit and causing a massive BB massacre.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Kuratas but it’s now officially on sale, which is awesome. The Kuratas is the ultimate life-sized toy to get for anyone who has about R12 mil to spare and loves robots. Too bad Christmas has passed.

Source: Mirror


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