smrtGRiPS: Keeping you connected to your bike


smrtgripsIt seems getting lost on your bike might be a thing of the past with this new crowdfunded campaign for cyclists. Thanks to smrtGRiPS, your life might have a new sense of direction. The best part is that it wouldn’t end up emptying your pockets.

Keeping your eyes on the road is essential when rolling around town. The simple 32-bit Bluetooth System-on-a-Chip Smart Technology, smrtGRiPS handles use specific haptic vibrational patterns (the bars will vibrate on the side you should turn) to direct you according the GPS-route that you have programmed it to take.

This technology will enable you to follow specific routes, or even locate your bike with the smrtGRiPS Connect App, if you forgot where you put it.

By pledging between $64 (R740) and $69 (R800), you will receive a pair of smrtGRiPS along with a pair of replacement grips. There will be a choice between both slender grips (about R210) and sporty grips (close to R265).

If you keep on losing either your bike or yourself, these will probably be perfect for you.

Source: IndieGoGo via Engadget


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