Apple patent shows off an iPhone home button that pops out into a gaming joystick


Apple is no stranger to weird and wonderful patents, and the latest one to hit the interwebs is no exception.

A patent titled “Multi-Function Input Device” posted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (and spotted by Patently Apple) describes a rather talented iPhone home button which has the ability to pop up and out of the casing, turning into a multi-directional gaming joystick.

Apple Joystick PatentYes, really.

In normal use the button would appear as normal – flush with the front of the device. A simple click will however see it protrude upwards, thanks to an in-built spring, and another push will lock it back into its original position.

While it would certainly offer a better level of accuracy and feedback than digital on-screen controls, it’s just asking to snap off or fill up with dust and debris – very un-Apple compromise, if you ask us.

Still, it’s not like every single Apple patent has ever come to fruition. If they did, your iPhone would probably be sporting a holographic sapphire display and miniature jetpacks right now.

Source: via Patently Apple


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