This giant alien-like projector will transform your living room into a gaming holodeck


While it might look like an alien death ray, the Immersis projector is actually far from a futuristic vaporising killing machine.

Instead, it’s a projector that’s designed to extend your PC/Mac gaming shenanigans to the walls of your living room, increasing immersion and dropping your friends’ collective jaws at the same time.

immersis1If you remember Microsoft’s Illumiroom prototype from a few years ago, the concept will be a familiar one. Developed by French company Catopsys, the aim of the system is to provide gamers with a more immersive experience that can be shared with friends, unlike the social isolation offered by VR headsets like the Oculus Rift.

This giant alien-like projector will transform your living room into a gaming ho
The Immersis projector itself features a 180° fisheye lens with a very short focal length, allowing it to project on both the main wall and side walls of a room, extending the display beyond the confines of a TV.

It’s packing LED technology for longer-lasting performance, and the resolution “will be at least Full HD”, though it’s unclear if that will increase come launch day.

There’s no word on whether or not console support is in the works either. Currently, the system requires a PC or Mac to calibrate and correctly map video and 360° in real time, though it’s possible that a future iteration could take care of processing and mapping itself.

You can currently back the Immersis on Kickstarter, where it’s available to snap up for a super early bird price of $1000 (about R11,500), with shipping slated for October.


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