The PlayBox fuses an Xbox One and PS4 together in perfect harmony


Sharing a fierce rivalry equal to Holmes and Moriarty, the Playstation and Xbox have been battling it out for many years. If you’re an open-minded gamer who can’t decide which camp to join, then the PlayBox is right up yor street.

The result of a month’s tinkering and engineering by Ed Zarick, the PlayBox combines both a PS4 and Xbox One in one casing, complete with an in-built 22in full HD monitor.

While only one console can be powered at any one time, there is a switch on the back to alternate between the two.

PlayBox“This system took a lot of attempts and reconfiguring to make everything fit and still some things had to be compromised to make the system work. For example, it was impossible to get the USB ports on the Xbox to be extended to the outside of the case”, said the intrepid inventor.

The frankenconsole also offers Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi for both units, along with HDMI Out for big-screen gaming.

Unfortunately, this is currently a one-off build for a customer. But if you’re genuinely interested in buying one for yourself, Ed is open to requests. He says it’ll cost “substantially more” than his other creations: the Xbook Duo, Playbook 4 and Xbook One.

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The Playbook 4 and Xbook One start from $1,195 (R13,750) if you provide your own consoles. Not cheap then, but there’s nothing better than avoiding all social interactions while you’re off on holiday. Can you really put a price on that?

Source: Eurogamer


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