Spotify reaches 15 million paid subs, 60 million users total


SpotifyYeah, we’re going to twist the knife here a little bit. Music streaming service Spotify (which isn’t officially supported here in South Africa) has announced that the end of 2014 was a very productive time for them, to the tune of 10 million new users.

That is, according to figures released by the company recently. Total Spotify users now number 60 million, which is up from 50 million just a couple of months previously.

Of course, a large number of those users are free users but the company has also reported an increase in the number of paid subscribers to the service. According to The Guardian, the same holiday bump also saw another 2.5 million paid subscribers get on board with Spotify, bringing them up from 12.5 million to 15 million.

Some of the year-end increase can be laid at the door of the reduced cost of a year-end promo ($0.99 instead of $9.99) as well as a new Family Plan that lets multiple users (up to four per family) use an account with the music streaming service for $4.99. Per person per month, that is. Now we just need to ask: when will it be our turn for some officially-supported streaming music?

Source: The Guardian


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