CES 2015: Intel reveals tech powering new wearables and security


Intel didn’t spend much time talking about its computer processors at CES 2015, but instead chose to highlight other technology that will be “accelerating computing into the next dimension”. And there’s a lot of it.

Much of what Intel CEO Brian Krzanich spoke about during his CES keynote speech was related to wearable technology. He disclosed the company’s plans to launch Curie, a button-sized (as predicted a year ago) system-on-chip purpose-built to power wearables. Curie features a tiny Quark processor, sensors, battery charging and low-energy Bluetooth, and will ship in the second half of 2015. Expect to see it appearing in a wide range of devices then.


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Krzanich also mentioned Intel’s wearable tech collaborations with brands including Basis Peak, Fossil, Luxottica, SMS Audio and Oakley. With the latter, Intel has designed a wearable device (we’re guessing it’s a pair of smart sunglasses – but that’s not confirmed) that will launch later in 2015 and “enhance athletes’ performance”.

Beyond wearables, Krzanich announced True Key, a new security app that aims to replace passwords with the user’s face, fingerprint or device. It will work across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, and will launch by the end of the year. It’ll also be pre-installed on new devices from HP and Lenovo in the coming months.

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