CES 2015: Samsung launches Milk VR, with content from The Walking Dead’s creators coming soon


Samsung’ been comping at the bit and trying to get into the commercial virtual reality space ever since Facebook announced that they were buying Oculus Rift, and even before that teeny little purchase took place. The Gear VR, which uses one of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 handsets as a display, is the result of that.

samsung-gearvr-final_0Just jumping into VR from a hardware perspective doesn’t make a whole lot of sense though so Samsung’s CES announcement that the company is launching a 360-degree video service called Milk VR isn’t exactly unexpected.

Milk VR is set to be part of Samsung’s Milk streaming music and video service, which is unfortunately locked to the United States for the present. What it entails is, right now, just over 30 video presentations that can be experienced in 360-degrees and which cover the spectrum from music to sports, with some action thrown in on the side.

The company promises new content for the newly-launched service, to the tune of new releases five days a week. They’ve got several partnerships in the works, with the likes of the NBA and Red Bull apparently creating content for Milk VR.

Also on-board is Skybound Entertainment and The Walking Dead producer David Alpert, who are making something exclusive for the Gear VR. Just what it is hasn’t been revealed yet but we’re thinking that a Walking Dead VR presentation could send the Gear VR’s sales skyrocketing. Hint, hint, Samsung.

Source: Polygon


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