CES 2015: Withings’ Activité gets a Pop of colour


We sometimes wish fitness trackers would take a break from measuring our health and spend a few minutes worrying about their own appearance.

Activite Pop RowThat’s never been a criticism you could level at the Withings Activité, though, and now we’ve just had some wrist-time with its equally handsome (and cheaper) new brother called the Activité Pop.

The Pop has identical functionality to the original Activité. A built-in accelerometer tracks your steps, distance and sleep, and the lack of digital displays means it promises a battery life of eight months. It’s also waterproof and has Bluetooth for hooking it up to the ‘Health Mate’ app, complete with back-slapping reminders of your good fitness deeds.

The reason for the significant drop in price ($150 (R1,760), compared to $450 (R5,280) for the original version) is the materials and build. Rather than being manufactured in Switzerland, the Activité Pop is made in China and swaps a leather strap for a silicon one.

The look is certainly more Swatch than Omega, but we liked the colour options (grey, blue and cream) and it remains one of the most desirable fitness trackers out there.

Withings says the Activité Pop will be available to buy in February 2015 from its online store.


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