CES 2015: Forget wrist-based fitness trackers, AmpStrip will stick to you like a plaster


Some fitness users, who are known to the Stuff staffers (no names, to protect those of us here who don’t work out), like to keep their fitness trackers close to their hearts. And if FitLinxx, the company behind a new wearable called the AmpStrip, has their way then soon the previous sentence will be more than just a figure of speech.

AmpStrip FullThe AmpStrip, which is being shown at CES 2015 and which has also just passed its IndieGoGo crowdfunding goal, is something very different in the world of fitness trackers. There are no bands for this one, either around your chest or on your wrist. Instead, it’ll stick like a plaster to the left side of your chest and keep track of your heart-rate and movement as well as your skin temperature and even your posture.

All of these metrics will, of course, be sent to a companion app that will give you all the numbers you need to optimise your workout. The creators say that the AmpStrip is designed for 24-hour use and is waterproof, with the adhesive attaching it to your skin lasting between three and seven days.

AmpStrip is designed to charge wirelessly and will also be able to upload info to other popular fitness apps, like Runkeeper and Strava.

If this sounds like the device for you (and you’re lacking in the chest-hair department, we hope) then you can still snag an early one through the IndieGoGo route. Otherwise, expect it to cost $150 (R1,760) when it launches officially around the middle of 2015.

Source: The Verge


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