Minecraft: Pocket Edition hits Windows Phone phones, mobile Creeper-hunting will set you back R90


Any chance that we were going to get more productive in the New Year has just gone right out of the window. Which we made by melting some sand in a furnace that was made out of stone and wood that we got from punching trees and rocks.

Minecraft Pocket Edition ScreenIn other words, we’ve just heard from Microsoft locally that Minecraft: Pocket Edition has landed on Windows Phone. You’ll be able to take Steve out on crafting adventures on your Windows Phone 8.1 device for the princely sum of R90. Which isn’t the price we were given initially by Microsoft but we’ll still take it.

Microsoft explains that Minecraft: Pocket Edition buyers will get access to “…the tense action of Survival mode, the limitless exploration of Creative mode, and multiplayer fun over local Wi-Fi networks. This release includes infinite worlds, with the new biomes, caves, mobs, villages and more that players love.”

Which is more than enough reason to head out and get some Creepers into your sights while scrambling to protect your lowly wooden house for a while longer – on your phone, that is. If you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go and build the Death Star now.


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