Google’s Project Ara will have a Play Store-like online outlet


modular-motorola-project-ara1We’re extremely excited about Google’s Project Ara modular phone project, if only to see how it will all work in practise. And it looks as though LEGO-phone hopefuls will be able to construct and order their hot-swappable handsets without having to leave the house.

Google has partnered with a company called Globant, according to a recent release, in order to create and construct an online outlet for Project Ara devices. The company says that the store will be similar in nature to Google’s Play Store, with user reviews and recommendations available – for components rather than software.

Google is looking at “…the creation of a two-sided market between module developers and consumers, with module developers gaining direct access to consumers (versus having to market to OEMs, or original equipment manufacturers), and consumers benefitting from a more diverse ecosystem of functional hardware options for their device.”

In other words, Google wants to have its own one-stop shop. For everyone. That’s something we like the sound of, though we’d like it a whole lot more if the as-yet unnamed store was confirmed for South Africa. As for Project Ara itself, we should be seeing more of it at the next Google Developers Conference in January next year. We can’t wait.

Source: Globant via Digital Trends


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