Huawei gives the desktop phone a facelift


Once the shining light of telephony, the desktop phone has long since taken a back seat to its mobile brethren. Chinese manufacturer Huawei is looking to buck this trend with its new full-HD intelligent desktop phone, the Huawei eSpace 8950.

Huawei eSpace 8950Huawei’s says its eSpace 8950 isn’t merely an IP phone or a videophone because it also includes a full-HD 1080p camera along with full-band voice codec (that supports sampling rates up to 48 kHz). The device also supports HDMI-based video conferencing by allowing users to project content from the phone to a larger display.

Users can also pair the desktop phone with a Bluetooth headset so that calls are automatically handed off to the headset when the user moves away from their desk. Should the user leave the office they can opt to have voice calls automatically routed to their mobile phone.

When bandwidth is limited the phone automatically adjusts the transmission rate to try and ensure voice and video call quality is maintained.

The eSpace 8950’s display supports touch and is powered by Google’s Android operating system meaning the phone can run third-party applications in addition to the pre-installed calculator, calendar, clock, email, and browser apps. Would anyone care for a desktop session of Angry Birds?


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