COBI will give your bike smart credentials


Traditional road and mountain bikes and motor-assisted e-bikes are coming under fire from the latest in two-wheeled tech: “smart bikes”. COBI is an all-in-one system that will give either of the former two “smart” credentials for a fraction of the cost of an actual smart bike.

COBI runs off your Android or iOS smartphone, with the phone sitting in an IPX-6 water-resistant cradle that attaches to the handle bars. This cradle features a whole host of technical wizardry including an LED light with dynamic lighting that adjusts to brightness levels, an accelerometer, a barometer, an electric horn and an altimeter.


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A compatible app is available and users control it via a thumb controller, also attached to the handlebars. From here you can select someone to call, skip music tracks and navigate the entire system. The system will monitor health and fitness levels and have access to an advanced weather forecast, giving you a notification on your phone of any impending conditions.

Navigation is available too, with users being able to get turn-by-turn directions, 2D and 3D mapping, bike lanes, popular routing and buddy radar. This allows you to connect with friends and see what cycle routes they take.

Not only is there a light for the front that adjusts its intensity, but there’s a light for the rear of the bike too. Connected to the brakes, it will act as a brake light to warn traffic behind. It even has built-in indicators to save you from wavng your arms about.

COBI is all about security too. With the COBI Hub attached to the bike, it will only unlock for you or whoever you nominate. An alarm will sound if any pesky burglars try to steal it.

COBI is available to pre-order now on Kickstarter from $115 (R1,320). It’s already surpassed its goal of $100,000.

Source: Kickstarter


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