What the FXXK? – See Ferrari’s new monster in action


It was only last week that we got a look at Ferrari’s evolution of their LaFerrari hypercar, the FXX K. This frankly massive-engined piece of engineering is part of the company’s XX program, which means that “owners” can more or less lease the car from Ferrari who will maintain it when it’s not in use.

And it’s not going to be in use on the road any time soon, for all that we’d like to take the 1,035HP FXX K for a spin on a (deserted) highway. It’s not exactly road-legal so the type of person who can afford it will be spending a lot of time on the track. Which, incidentally, is where the Ferrari FXX K spent some time recently.

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And someone at the Yas Marina track in Abu Dhabi caught it on video. Though it only did a couple of laps, being joined by a collection of other Ferrari models for some of its on-track time, and it wasn’t exactly sent screaming around the track, we’re still quite impressed by its throaty roar and road-holding prowess – even at what qualifies as slower speeds for this vehicle.

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We’re actually mostly blown away by how the FXX K sounds when it’s just idling away while creeping towards the pits. We’d totally just sit inside this car while it idles, for hours, without getting bored. As long as we got to rev it up to a scream every so often.

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