Knight Watch – Ace Chemicals Infiltration Pt 3, now with more story


First there was the sneaky approach, for a given value of sneaky, with plenty of bone-crunching, tooth-chipping combat between the Dark Knight and assorted minions without so much as a name-tag. Then there was a spin in a vehicle that we’d all love to take on the road during rush-hour, at least once. And if you missed both of those, now is the time to get caught up.

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Back already? Great, because here’s part three of Batman’s trip inside Ace Chemicals in search of the Arkham Knight. Eagle-eyed (and myopic, the thing’s bloody massive) fans will notice that the Scarecrow seems to be the target of the iconic vigilante’s rampage. But we get a bit more narrative this time around, instead of just criminals getting their heads kicked in because they’re criminals.

So take some time to watch the final trailer in the Ace Chemicals series. All we can do now is wait until Batman: Arkham Knight is released midway through 2015.

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