Pyro will give you superpowers – if you can find it in stock


Sometimes it sucks to know how a magician does his tricks. Other times, like this one, it’s awesome, especially if you’re able to take advantage of said tricks by being able to set things on fire using your ‘bare’ hands.

We’re sure that there are all sorts of safety regulations when it comes to using something like the Pyro, a wrist-mounted flame spitting device that lets you lob fireballs at… things but… just look at it.

Pyro FlameThe Pyro is available from magician website Ellusionist, though the presentation video about how it works kind of defeats the point of being able to use this for magic purposes. But, if you’re keep on spicing up an X-Men costume for a party or something, this could be just the (expensive) ticket.

The Pyro will set you back $174 (around R2,000) per arm if you’re looking to terrify bystanders and confuse customs officials, though it’s in and out of stock at the moment. It’s quite the popular, if potentially pyrotechnic, party favour. Oh, and you’ll have get some of the ammunition required to keep it working as well but you’ll be able to source Flash Paper and Flash Cotton here in SA.

Hit up the source link below to see Pyro in action. We’d embed the video but Ellusionist wants to keep their secrets contained, if not completely mysterious.

Source: Ellusionist


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