And the next company-specific smartphone to launch is Edgars’ Verssed W1


We’ve already had MTN and Vodacom releasing their own branded smartphones (and tablets) and Android has seemed to be a popular choice when it comes to created custom solutions. Even clothing company Edgars has been getting into the act and they’ve got their own lineup of Verssed-branded devices. Most of these are running on Android but the latest addition to the lineup comes sporting Windows Phone 8.1.

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Verssed W1So it might feel like the black sheep of the family but we’re not sure that buyers are going to mind much.

The new Verssed W1 is a Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone, which we’ve mentioned. Edgars haven’t given us any details on the screen and that particular specification isn’t available in any documentation on the official website either. Given the rest of the specs (and the recommended price), it’s not going to be HD.

The W1 will have a Snapdragon 200 processor, WiFi and Bluetooth. Storage is just 4GB, plus there’s 512MB of RAM which is usually enough for a Windows Phone er… phone. There’s a 5MP main and VGA front camera to play with and there’s a 1,420mAh battery running the show.

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Edcon’s CEO Jurgen Schreiber said “Modern smartphones enable users to boost their productivity, multitask, navigate to their destinations with live traffic info to avoid jams, and enjoy their favourite media or mobile games on the go. In this day and age, price should not be a barrier to putting this kind of functionality into the hands of more users.”

Schrieber mentions price because of the Verssed W1’s RRP, which is set at R900. It’ll be available from 15 December at stores under the Edcon umbrella: CNA, Edgars Active and Mobile as well as Jet Cellular.


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