Your next flight could use a Kickstart(er) – This is Trunkster


It might sound like a loveable yet squishy mascot from an unreleased Ghostbusters movie but Trunkster, the hugely popular addition to Kickstarter’s collection of newly-funded endeavours, might just change the way that you navigate the airport.

TrunksterThat’s because this is a smart suitcase, of sorts. To start with, there are no zips here. Trunkster tosses them out in favour of a ‘sliding door’ and they’ve also lobbed most of the conventional compartments, resulting in a travel suitcase which “prioritizes utility and versatility in a minimalist style.”

There is more, of course. The Trunkster’s carry-on version can be fitted with a power pack that will charge your devices (up to nine times, which is always handy during an unplanned 48-hour layover) via USB. A digital scale is present that will let you know if your baggage is overweight before you leave for the airport and there’s also a GPS unit built into the bag. So… if the airlines ‘lose’ your luggage you’ll know exactly which end of Guatemala (or whose house) you can retrieve your souvenirs from.

The Kickstarter campaign is newly-active and the company behind Trunkster, also called Trunkster, were looking for $50,000. Well, they’ve got 45 days to go and they’ve raised more that $375,000. That’s quite impressive by anyone’s standards.

The retail Trunkster units are expected in August 2015 and they will retail for $500 (R5,520) but they’re considerably cheaper if you’re backing the project. It’ll still cost you around R3200 or so though but for luggage you can track? Worth it.

Source: Kickstarter


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