Xbox One fitness wearable coming in 2015


XBO WearableFollowing the launch of its Band wearable, Microsoft is reportedly developing a fitness tracker that will sync with the Xbox One console’s health and fitness apps.

The new Xbox One wearable has been all but confirmed and will launch sometime in 2015. Joe Officer, head of Exertis, an Xbox One component supplier, said to tech site PCR that we can expect to see a number of Microsoft wearable devices coming next year: “These will be linked to the Xbox One which has loads of health and fitness apps already in it – add that to real time heart rate monitors, health bands, scales and video sensors and users will have day in, day out, real time monitoring of themselves.”

The Xbox One already features some fitness tracking features using the Kinect sensor, while Microsoft has also launched its own Microsoft Health service for monitoring your vitals. With wearable technology gaining traction all the time, a fitness tracker designed for use with the Xbox One console is the next logical step.

The original Microsoft Band is currently a US-only release, with no confirmation of whether it will be made available in other countries. Hopefully the Xbox One wearable will make it over to our shores. We’ll have to wait until 2015 to find out.

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