Watch: The World Record for Most Donuts Around A Car Driving On Two Wheels


So you think you can drive? That’s okay, everyone in South Africa thinks they can drive but the true test (in Jozi at least) is when the clouds come out and precipitation starts. We’re all too often a nation of solar-powered drivers.

But if you’re adamant that you’re just that good, it’s time to watch Chinese drifter Zhang Shengjun circumnavigating a Mini in an attempt to break the world record for most donuts around a moving vehicle in 60 seconds. But not just any vehicle, the record is set by drifting around a vehicle that is driving on two wheels. The two wheeled stuff, that’s the work of Chinese stunt-driver Han Yue.

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The record, as it stands now, is ten revolutions in a minute. So it’s not something that you’ll be able to break in a parking lot over the weekend, unless you have very, very good insurance. And a collection of cars you don’t like all that much. It goes without saying that you should not be trying this at home.

Source: Digital Trends


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