Tired of your iPad Air 2? Maybe the 12in iPad Air Plus will float your boat


Apple could be planning a huge surprise for us, but keeping all that secrets behind closed doors seem to be too much of a task. First, there were rumours of a larger iPad Pro becoming a reality, and now word of an iPad Air Plus is making the rounds.

iPad Air PlusIf you believe the words of Japanese publication Mac Fan, Apple is set to unveil a 12.2in device named iPad Air Plus and it’s got a set of specs to match its fancy name. According to the January 2015 issue of the magazine, it’ll be slightly bigger than the iPad Air 2, measuring 12in x 8.7in x 0.28in (305 x 221 x 7mm), and will come with Apple’s next generation A9 processor. Unfortunately, that’s all the info they have.


But we think launching a new set of larger devices will do Apple some good, pushing it into areas other vendors have traditionally operated in. The instant success of the iPhone 6 Plus is an indication of the public’s interest in owning larger screened mobile devices.

Then again, if there’s a range of larger iPads in the works, there’s the possibility of Apple downsizing its MacBook Air offerings to just offer these larger slates with removable keyboards (that’s not confirmed, or even hinted at – we’re just toying with ideas here).

And you probably won’t have to wait as long for this device as you would for the purported iPad Pro (that one’s believed to be going on sale sometime in Q2 next year). The iPad Air Plus might rear its head as early as Q1 2015. Stay tuned – we’ll bring you more information about the device as it comes.

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