Images of a Lumia 1020-ish smartphone leak, possible cancelled ‘McLaren’ phone


Lumia-ish LeakBack when Nokia was still branding Lumia smartphones there was a handset known as the Lumia 1020, which featured that ginormous 41MP PureView camera and a very distinctive look. Last week something similar-looking pitched up online, sparking rumours that Microsoft had or has a successor of sorts in development.

Little is known about the mystery smartphone, other than the fact that it’s a prototype, it features 2GB of RAM and what looks like a 5-inch HD display. The fact that it’s a prototype is clear based on the text that can be seen in images of the definitely-related-to-the-Lumia-lineup phone. It may be that Microsoft is working on something new and this has leaked out a bit earlier than usual but the fact that it carried a Nokia serial number (Nokia RM-1052) suggests something else as well.

It could be that this is Project McLaren, which was supposed to feature Kinect-like gesture technology. The descriptions for the McLaren phone fit the bill, with the bulge at the rear of the phone looking a lot like the 1020. McLaren was cancelled earlier this year, so it’s possible that we’ll never actually see what this handset can do. Unless Microsoft comes up with something else along these lines – which they might.

Source: The Verge via Engadget


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