Why yes, you can also join in on Black Friday here at home. Without leaving the office


Kalahari Black FridayWe all know what Black Friday is, don’t we? It’s a massively hyped Thanksgiving sale that Americans have given the rest of the world and their export has started to trickle down to South Africa. Or at least to the Kalahari online store, which is in the midst of hosting its very own Black Friday.

Technically it should be called Cyber Friday here at home but that doesn’t have the same effect (and Cyber Monday is the thing in the States anyhow) and there’s a reason for the move here in SA. Kalahari’s marketing director Liz Hillock said “The benefit of taking Black Friday online is that consumers do not need to stand in queues or get caught in a stampede.”

The sale went live at midnight last night and, at the time of writing, you’ve got about 16 hours to go find yourself a bargain online. Yesterday Hillock said “The specific deals are still under wraps, but consumers can expect massive savings on electronics, games, books, toys, gadgets and more. Let’s just say, my advice is to visit the site, and come early.”

But they’re not a secret any more, are they… Head on over to Kalahari and see what they’ve got for you. There are a couple of items that Stuff might be ordering in a few minutes as well.


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